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Paint Protection


Designed to protect the new vehicle’s paintwork against oxidisation, corrosion, petrol, oil, detergents and stains, Enduroshield is a total Paint Protection program. The Paint Protection chemical makeup gives increased resistance to UV rays, strong detergents and acid rain, giving your vehicle a long lasting showroom shine without the need to polish.



Clearshield Pro is professional quality paint protection film for your vehicle.

Clearshield Pro now comes in large rolls which means we can deliver seamless protection to more vehicles large and small, than ever before.

Clearshield Pro is an invisible layer that will protect your vehicles from scratches, chips and stains from general day to day use caused by insects, road debris and other elements. It is virtually invisible, will not yellow, peel or crack, and comes with a 5 year warranty. Ask the team at Diplock’s how Clearshield can protect your vehicle today on 4928 8799.




Vehicle Interior Protection

Vehicle Interior Protection is used to protect the interior of your vehicle. It is a blended solvent containing resins which increase the surface tension by decreasing the space between the fibres. It acts as a heavy duty stain and wear repellent and penetrates deep into the fabric. Spills just simply wipe away and it is completely odourless, non-toxic and non- flammable. It is an invisible protection shield that keeps your interior cleaner, brighter and fresher longer.


Fabric Protection

This product is designed to adhere to each individual fibre eliminating absorption of oil and water based stains. It allows you to simply clean up spills with a damp cloth. The product is odourless and non flammable when dry and will greatly extend the life of your vehicles upholstery.


Plastic, Vinyl & Leather Protection

To protect your vehicle’s interior, we use a specialised emulsion containing silicon and plasticisers which rejuvenate and give treated surfaces added protection from shrinkage, cracking, splitting and discolouration caused by harmful effects of UV light.


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