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10 December 2015

Greg Diplock, owner and operator of Diplock’s agrees with CCIQ president Peter Fraser. “Buying local is the economic answer but we’re not just saying that from a consumers point of view, it’s about the entire supply chain. We buy all our parts and supplies from other local and small businesses.”

Diplock’s Collision Repair Centre has been in business servicing Rockhampton motorists for over 40 years. Founder Norm Diplock opened Diplock’s back in 1972. Diplock’s has seen three generations of the Diplock Family giving their hands-on experience and providing service excellence.

Despite the economic trends, the growth in Diplock’s over the years has seen the expansion of the premises now operating at 8 Hempenstall Street, North Rockhampton. This is because the business has diversified its revenue streams. Greg Diplock now owns and operates 3 businesses in 1 location. The group of businesses are now more than just Collision Repairs. They also offer Powder Coating, Rust Protection and Window Tinting and their products and services also extend beyond motor vehicles. It could be a semi-trailer, items in your home or even an old barber’s chair.

With almost 30 employees across 3 businesses compliment each other. When one area slows down, the others pick up. Having three businesses compliment each other, if there is a downturn one month for one of the businesses, we usually see that the other two businesses compensate for any loss.

The employees at Diplock’s are confident about job security. Whilst they are aware of the present economic downturn within all industries, many of the staff at Diplock’s have been with Greg for a long time and many of these staff have seen the “feast and the famine” of these years. Greg always keep the staff informed of any situations that could threaten job security but with the diversity of the three businesses, the staff at Diplock’s are flexible enough to move around the three businesses if required.

Luxury items such as a Christmas Parties and other social events are still enjoyed by the staff at Diplock’s. Greg believes that bringing staff together in a social environment improves morale, allows for bonding amongst the employees which makes for a happier workplace and increases productivity in the long term.

Greg Diplock’s secret for being around in business for over 40 years is simple. Work hard, look after your customer and support the local economy.


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