Powder Coating

Powder coating is an advanced method of applying a protective finish that is very durable. It looks like paint but it acts like armour. It makes products durable, attractive and scratch-resistant too. The end result is an attractive, durable, high quality finish.

Powder coating is a dry finishing process. Finely ground particles of pigment and resin are electrostatically charged and sprayed onto the products to be coated. The parts to be coated are electronically grounded, so that the charged particles adhere to them until melted and fused into a solid coating in a curing oven.

The powder coating process itself offers another advantage – it is environmentally friendly – virtually pollution free. Unlike liquid paint, no solvents are used. The hard finish makes it more chip and scratch resistant and it lasts longer due to the application process which eliminates peeling and powdering. All products are coated with a consistent 60-80 micron covering of powder as per industry standards.

There are many colours and finishes to complete the look that you are after. Diplock’s Powder Coating only use quality paints from reputable suppliers such as Interpon from Akzonobel and Dulux Paint. Talk to the team at Diplock’s on 49288799 to discuss colours and finishes.


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Pre-treatment is vital to further protect the product and improve the surface for powder coating. Abrasive blasting is the process used to clean and/or etch a surface by means of an abrasive directed at high velocity against the product or surface. The abrasive blasting facility is used to quickly remove all residual paint, surface rusts, oils, dirt or other contaminate from the metal before powder coating.

Temperature and time are essential ingredients in getting the correct finish. Diplock’s use a computer controlled convection oven to carefully control this vital part of the process.

We are not able to do a whole car, but the bullbar, side steps, roof racks can all be done separately, as well as items of furniture, bike frames, etc.

Turnaround time
Is very fast, depending on the item you want coated and the workload of our team at the time. Powder Coating is faster than painting as it is usually a one coat process.

Abrasive Blasting/Powder Coating is used by both industries and consumers. There is a long list of items that can be blasted and powder coated. Our batch oven and powder booth can coat items up to 7m x 3m x 3m. If you are interested in powder coating and would like a quote or have any questions, please call the Diplocks team, or call into our office at 8 Hempenstall St, Nth. Rockhampton.


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