Rust Proofing


This service has 2 components, Underbody and Topside. The ‘Underbody’ is a bitumen based anti-corrosive treatment which is applied to the underbody of the vehicle with exception to the exhaust and some fitted accessories. For the ‘Topside’, an anti-corrosive cavity wax treatment is sprayed into the doors, sills and panels including the bonnet. You can choose to do just one or both. For the best protection, we recommend both treatments.



CouplerTec Electronic Units use a negative charge to stop rust before it starts. They are available for private and commercial vehicles. The private vehicle units range from 2 to 6 pad systems. The commercial units range from 4 to 12 pad systems. The systems depend on how you use your car and the environmental elements that your car may be exposed to.



This is recommended for the extreme beach goer, four wheel drive enthusiast or outdoor lovers. Heavy Duty Rust Protection is simply the combination of the Chemical and Electronic systems to give your vehicle the maximum protection whether a private or commercial vehicle.

CHEMICAL, ELECTRONIC AND HEAVY DUTY RUST PROTECTION is available for light vehicles and commercial vehicles.

Ask our staff about our written warranties and 12 month service checks.






If you are wanting to reduce road noise this is the product you’re after. Sound Gard is a heavy duty synthetic rubber, high impact and abrasion resistant coating that will assist in reducing road noise and acts as an insulation blanket against extreme temperatures making it cooler in summer as warmer in winter.


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