Window Tinting


At Diplocks, we use Solar Gard Window Tinting Film. Solar Gard film reduces glare and heat from the sun, blocking out 99% of UV Rays and giving a Sun Protection Factor of 285+.

We use the darkest legal film which is 35% visible light transmission and can reduce the temperature inside your vehicle by as much as 7 degrees.

The main 2 films we use are called HP Supreme and Galaxie 35. HP Supreme is a metalised film which rejects the heat from the glass, cuts 44% of Solar Heat and has 61% Glare Reduction.

Galaxie 35 is a dyed film which absorbs the heat into the glass, has a 57% Glare Reduction and cuts 32% of the Solar Heat.




Create the feel of a cool and comfortable home and/or office, and protect your privacy by tinting your windows. It has been scientifically proven that window films have a positive environmental impact worldwide and can assist in cutting energy costs by up to 30%.

The Solar Gard house films reject up to 79% of solar energy, providing you greater temperature stability and comfort while rejecting solar heat gain and blocking 99% of the harmful UV light.
When you have tinted your windows, you gain added protection in the case of a break in, accidental breakage or a natural disaster (eg. Cyclone) as the tint assists in holding the shards of glass together if broken.

Window tinting your home or office also reduces glare, protects your furnishings and offers overall comfort.

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